Theraplant HaraPlume (Haracept) – Disposable Indica Vape Pen Review

Affordable night time medicine… The new Theraplant HaraPlume disposable vape pen is a great way to try out a potent indica strain. I love the concept of being able to try a small amount of a strain for an affordable price. If you are new to the CTMMP, you will find that $2o items are among the smallest units one can purchase.

site de rencontre sérieux cougar Both the HaraPlume and HaraPure vape cartridges are derived from Theraplant’s Haracept strain. lists Haracept’s common name as “the hog.” This strain is a pure Indica, and a potent one at that, regardless of THC percentages. In my opinion this is a night-time only medication. My personal experience with this strain is that it is amazing for sleep. I first tried 4 timed puffs from the HaraPlume, and was pleasantly surprised. This tiny little disposable pen had a great taste to it, and I could tell after 3 timed draws that I would be adequately medicated to get into bed with a book and attempt a trip to restful sleep land.

conocer gente berlin I use a Polar M400 watch, which functions like a FitBit in that it tracks my sleep hygiene. On nights where I would have bad dreams and high anxiety, I would be lucky to accomplish 60% restful sleep per night. Since then, I have raised my restful sleep percentage to regularly over 90% when using a pre-sleep indica. This in itself is a minor miracle, and Haracept from theraplant is a strain that I can trust will provide me with that level of sleep hygiene.

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The pen also has a nice little clear window that displays the available oil level. This is a clear advantage over the other disposable pens that lack this feature. I was able to get an idea of how many pulls were to be expected from this cartridge. I typically administered 3 to 5 pulls from the pen per night time use, and used the pen as such on four different nights. This breaks down to being a $5 ticket to sleepy land per night, yet I can see some users turning this product into a one or two application product depending on patient needs.


  • Affordable introductory dosage of a strong indica strain.
  • Viewable oil level (not standard on disposable cartridges)
  • Provides quick relief with only a few puffs.
  • Tastes pleasant.


  • Disposable cartridge, environmental tax.


  • This is a sedating night-time medication.
  • If using during the daytime, cancel any driving plans for the next few hours at least.
  • I personally found this product to be especially helpful when taken an hour before my planned bedtime. I cannot personally imagine using such a strain in the middle of the day, yet it may work wonders for those with severe pain. I can only speak for myself and how well this strain works for me at night.
  • A comparable indica strain for sleep is Curaleaf’s Black, in the event Haracept is out of stock at the time.

*Disclaimer: This review was not sponsored, paid for, or influenced by anyone other than myself.

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Theraplant HaraPlume (Haracept) – Disposable Indica Vape Pen Review

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